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⚽Puppet Soccer 2014 - Big Head Football 🏆 1.0.128
Smash the football and score goals in this addicting pocket puppetsoccer game! Pick your favorite worldcup big head team and play asa famous footballer. Tactically play offense and defense as youascend the World Cup 2019 ladder! With over 32 countries and 90+individual players, this world cup football game will challenge theultimate big head manager! Do you have what it takes? Pocket PuppetSoccer features: ⚽ 32 countries ⚽ 90+ cartoon marionette starplayers ⚽ 10 special bonus game - chewing gum, ice, sock slime,gypsum, super/mini power and jump spring ⚽ Upgrades: kick, jump,speed ⚽ Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on single mobiledevice ⚽ Achievements, highscore, big head manager ⚽ 2014Marionette world cup from noxgames in Brazil ⚽ Best physics forball and mad goals Choose your big head team and score many goals.You can destroy your enemies with kicks in single player mode or in2-player mode – play with friend funny gameplay. Practice kicks inperfect physics simulation and goal. You can jump, pass or foul.Begin Mexican waves and see your player on the top of the charts.Game is absolutely customizable – 4 different control options tomake sure the user experience is the best. Who will be in yoursoccer team? It is only your choice. High statistics means newarena and new players. Try defense strategy or offensive game oreven wide winger and all at the same time. In overtime, the gateswill increase their size to speed up the match. So, create pocketpuppet team and enjoy game with special bonuses – use ice, chewinggum or sock slime and making them harder to play. Visit our websiteNOXGAMES or Facebook for more information about Pocket PuppetSoccer game. Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
⚽ Puppet Soccer Champions – League ❤️🏆 2.0.26
Have you got the soccer talent? Skills and speed? Lace up your sockpuppet boots and pull your shirt on: this game was made for you.So, enjoy it. Forget the politics and the posturing—we’re just hereto have a great game of football! That’s what Puppet SoccerChampions 2018/2019 is all about. Soccer FEATURES: ⚽ More than 90cartoon sock puppet ⚽ Over 30 football puppet team ⚽ Silky skilfulgameplay ⚽ Big head fun in 2-player mode ⚽ Splitscreen multiplayerfor two players on a single device ⚽ Climb the league season2018/2019 ⚽ Smooth physics for ball and mad goals Pick your team,play as your favorite sock puppet and score as many goals as youcan! Pass, shoot, dribble, foul - it’s all here. The game is fullof twists. Play in single player mode or team up with a friend forthe awesome 2-player mode – you can play with your friend. Who willbe better and give better place of the charts? Game is completelycustomizable – 4 different control options to make sure the userexperience is the best. Destroy your opponent with precise kicks.Change your team tactics from defense style to winger or offensivestrategy and all at the same time. The goals will increase theirsize to speed up the match progress in the overtime. Open new areaand with increased stats you can get new player. Who will be yoursock puppet? It is only your choice who will be in the best team.Rise the leagues and open new cards. Practice free kicks and scoreand defeat your enemy. In the game are bonuses – chewing gum, ice,gypsum to making it hard to play. You can use it on enemy. Competein daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for free diamonds and getfree cards in shop every 8 hours from special sale offer. Let usknow if you wish any new sock puppet soccer or visit NOXGAMESwebsite or facebook. Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
🏒Puppet Ice Hockey: Pond Head 🏆 1.0.29
Sharpen your skates, put on your jersey and grab your hockey stick.Puppet Ice big head Hockey presents new era of hockey fun. Who willbe in your star team? This is not some pond hockey this is worldclass tournamet. Prepare to train overtime, practice slapshots,nofeet body check, cross checks, aim to top shelf and keep scoring!Puppet big head hockey focus on the fun on the rink: 🏒 Funnycartoon caricatures 🏒 All the famous ice hockey sock puppets andteams from 2018 🏒 Silky smooth gameplay available for every device🏒 Head hockey 2-player mode in splitscreen multiplayer like bighead 🏒 Bonuses – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, mega spring orspeed 🏒 Attack with slapshots, body check, cross check and defeatenemy Choose your puppet big head hockey team and play for yourfavourite or play with your friend on one device. Train players andimprove their speed, goal experiences and heal injured. Doeverything to destroy all enemies. Use body check or cross checks.At the end you will be on the top of chart. Be careful, the game isfull of twists. Be prepared, gain bonuses and use it – ice forfreeze, slime or gypsum on bergeron. With increased stats you canopen new arena and get new players. Collect the most famous playersand win whole tournament We will be glad for your feedback. Enjoyour game. Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
NoxType: Retro Space Shooter 2.2
Choose your battle ship and travel to deep space. Shoot all enemiesin this old school SHMUP game! Avoid all the enemy bullet hell andand collect the money from destroyed enemies. Buy new ships andupgrades in your command center, it will make your game easier.Upgrade your health and you will survive more impacts, upgradeshield and it will regenerate much faster. Magnet will attractcoins for longer distance.Game features:- 5 different space ships-10 unique levels, every one with new boss in the end and enemieswith own AI- upgrades for your ship – speed, money magnet, hull,shield- amazing art – hand made from NOXGAMES, authors of theincredibly popular Puppet Soccer 2014, Puppet Soccer Champions andPuppet Ice Hockey and Puppet Tennis- special superweapons – sonicblast, laser, homing rockets, bullets- achievements andhighscoresTravel through the asteroid fields, destroy enemy turretdefense, avoid homing missiles. Collect power ups with new specialweapons.Check out our facebook twitter by NOXGAMES 2015
Mad Puppet Racing -Big Up Hill 0.9.026
Most addictive racing game with best physics model, easy to control– hard to master. Pick your favorite driver, choose your steampunkvehicle, upgrade it and reach the stars in future desertwasteland!Welcome to post-apocalyptic nuclear land where your onlychance to survive is to get enough gas and get to the safe shelterin max distance. You will need to upgrade your vehicle or buybetter one. Every character in this racing game has different mixof special abilities and he is getting stronger with every levelup.Game features- Lots of unique marionette drivers, every withspecial abilities and bonuses- Many vehicles with real physicsproperties, 2WD or 4WD or even tanker truck with flaming engines ofavt- Car upgrades improving performance: Tires, Engine, Turbo,Nitro, Nox, Fuel Tank- Highly optimized graphics for bestperformace with amazing next gen particle effects- Leaderboards toclimb and Achievements are in progress, share your max distance,drivers or cars- Amazing steampunk graphics from NOXGAMES puppeteerworldPrepare to race in real physics wordl on offroad tracks. Climbthe hills, mounatins, countryside or sand dune dessert hills withyour car. We have super steampunk vehicles like monster truck, atvand avt, locomotive with wagon wheel, massive tanker truck withlarge fuel tank. You can drive oldschool rusty mustang or wordleharley. Freestyle players will love desert buggy, deadly dragsteror redneck hillbilly tractor.Choose from special nofoot marionettecharacters to drive your avt car: Work in progress features:-Nitro, Turbo engine upgrades, Noxic tank- New marionettecharacters- Monster truck or big nox tanker truck- Explosivesduring the race, destructible objects like crafty crates or rocksand avt.- Crafting of upgrades and slotsCheck out our facebook or visit our to get newest updates and vote for new drivers and2wd a 4wd cars.We are working on new halloween features, vehicleslike broom nimbus 2000 or hovercraft for quidditch.Created byNOXGAMES 2015
Puppet Football Clicker 2015 2.06
Steal all balls that ever existed in our universe... travel todistant galaxies and collect long forgotten balls ...exploreessential ways of football history with new friends from the globe... Something was always hidden behind the game, explore the darkside of the ball, meet with new species and win the match! ...Prepare your fingers for hours of fun and tons of content in thisbrand new sports game. Lots of unique clicking features bring brandnew experience to this genre – try to rotate the ball, boost bootswith increased power, unlock new special power ups to get moreballs quicker.Unique game features:★ Multiple finger clicking★Automatic kicking boots★ Tons of ingame items – hours of fun★Football hand puppets as upgrades★ Ball rotation to increaseincome★ Funny big head marionettes from noxgamesCan you kick thefootball like Pirlo, Giroud, Fellaini or Puyol? It is all in yourhands. Rotate the ball to put it on fire like when Nakata orLampard dribble. Keep clicking or let some automatic boots earn youmore balls. Need a help with income, simply buy some more handpuppets to do the hard work for you. Imagine Tevez or Modrickicking the ball for you as a coach. Marionette friends can boostyour income extremely. If you play well you can get speciallightning bonuses and encounter evil red balls.If you like thisgame, you can look forward to our future version with pigskin,volleyball or basketball.Updated for family and kidsCheck ourfacebook and our website www.noxgames.comCreated by NOXGAMES2014/2015
🎾Puppet Tennis - Forehand topspin 0.9.015
🎾 Funniest tennis game ever. Serve and volley, return, ace andsmash the ball to score and become legendary player!#1 tennis gameof the year 2018 is finally here and you have the chance to becomepuppeteer star. Take part in the big head tennis tournaments.Prepare to train overtime, practice treeing and underspin. Keepdoing topspin, forehand and counter backhand. Perfect backspin,backswing or half volley to crosscourt. Aim to dead net and keepsmashing your opponent!Game feautures:- 64 top hand puppet playersfrom season 2014 - 2018-easy to play hard to master- Upgrade yourmarionettes – improve run speed, topspin power, jump- Buy specialrackets with unique abilities- Splitscreen multiplayer - big head 2head fun for 2 players on a single device- Nofeet marionettes fromNOXGAMES 2018Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
NOX Air Hockey:Ice Cup 2015 HD 1.0
Sharpen your skates, put on your jersey and grab your hockey stick.NOX Air Hockey presents new era of air ice hockey fun. Gamefeatures lots of fun on the rink:- Polished art and great visualeffects- Ballenced difficulty- Silky smooth gameplay - Two playermultiplayer on a single deviceThis is not some pond hockey this isworld class tournamet. Prepare to train overtime, practiceslapshots, nofeet body checks, cross checks, aim to top shelf andkeep scoring!Faceoff, crossed sticks, body check, cross check it isall there in simplified form. Watch out for holding and roughing inthe corner.Can you shoot hattrick in top shelf like Jagr, Chelios,Iginla, Sakic or Forsberg?If you are defensive goalie guy watchingyour top shelf, you will find your place on the rink. Keepforechecking and roughing and save like Hasek.Ballanced difficultysuits to all players, but this tournament is the best for casualpuppeteers.Created by NOXGAMES 2014/2015
Tiny Drift-One Touch Racing 3D 1.1
Prepare for real challenge in hardest racing game of this year.Simple controls and addictive gameplay just like our other Puppetgames.Race in random generated city with just one tap to drift.Perform Perfect Drifts to get extra score and cash. Climb thehighscore leaderboards to become the number one drifter. Beautifulcity, hot asphalt and great sports mini cars are waiting foryou!Game features:- Simple one touch game controls- Addictivegameplay- Highscores- Blocky graphics, lots of cars, randomgenerated cityWatch out for narrow streets after the turns, you cancrash really fast if you drift too much or too little.We arepreparing:- Challenge your real friends and beat them inmultiplayer- New blocky cars and cubic city- Tilt to steercontrols- Upgrades, more tracks and glowing neonsCheck out ourfacebook by NOXGAMES 2015
Puppet Football Spain CCG/TCG⚽ 3.0.13
⚽ #1 FOOTBALL GAME OF THE YEAR 2018 ⚽ Shoot, kick and score goalsin the most addicting football game of the year! Long expectedsequel of extremely popular hand Puppet Soccer 2014 with more than10 million players all over the world from May 2014. Do you havewhat it takes to become the Legend? Train your skills, practicefree kicks, improve defense and offense tactics with no offsidehere. Lace up your boots and pull your shirt on or enjoy Mexicanwave: this game was made for you. Funniest Football Features (FFF):⚽ 20 sock puppet team with real stats ⚽ 100+ cartoon puppet ⚽Special power ups in game – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, superpower, spring, speed, silver shield, Mexican wave ⚽ Big hand puppet2 head fun 2-player mode - splitscreen multiplayer for two playerson a single device 🏆 Climb the league season 2017/2018 withachievements, champions cup and highscores ⚽ Train your playerspower, sprint speed and jump header keepie-uppie ⚽ Heal yourinjured players, destroy enemy and change tactics and use 235 or442 ⚽ Perfect physics for ball and mad goals ⚽ Upgrade your stadiumto get more money for victory Pick your favorite hand puppet teamand defeat you enemies. You can play in 2 player mode with yourfriend on one device. Train your team and get on the top of thecharts and commence Mexican wave. It is your choice, who will beyour best player. New arena and increased stats, it means newplayers. Game has 4 different control schemes – it is fullycustomizable. Practice free kicks, speed and jump. Play as championand jump, kick and faul. Change tactics and win. Stay before thegoal and wait, your chance to score will be bigger. Use offensivestrategy, defense style or wide winger and all at the same time.Have the best hand puppet team and start Mexican wave. The gameorders many bonuses – you can use chewing gum, freeze or silvershield to get protection or you can only begin Mexican wave. Healyour injured puppet team and continue in game. For more informationabout Hand Puppet football Spain see at our website or Facebook.Created by NOXGAMES 2014-2018
Deck Dragon Loot Cards CCG-TCG 1.06
CARD GAME - 2016Easy to play and deep in strategy. Collect cards,loot treasures, build your deck and begin your epic journey. Defeatdeathbringer boss and loot victory chests in campaign and PvPArena. Complete special daily quests to get extra rewards.Forgebetter cards and imbue them with tokens. Evolved higher tier unitshave special abilities that can help you – heal, increase damage orarmor. Simple ccg deck building game with multiplayer PvP warlordarena. Command units of hellhound, deathbringer and sandworm ordisenchant them for magic dust.FEATURES★ Collect more than 100unique cards in this CCG★ Balanced campaign with awesome rewards,bounty hunter ruby raids and multiplayer★ Battle and rank in PvParena★ Forge cards, disenchant and imbue them with tokens★ Dailylogin bonus and daily quests and luck machine★ Beautifulhand-painted art and special visual effectsCreated by NOXGAMES andRunning Pillow 2016/
Slot Machines: Wild Casino HD 🎰 1.7
The Best free slot machines game with the HIGHEST REWARDS. Enjoyfruit fun, MEGA WINS and collect daily FREE SPINS and FREE CHIPS inthis awesome casino. SLOTS FEATURES ★ Lots of slot machines,scatter bonuses and extra games ★ Offline play - you can playwithout Wifi or internet connection even with auto spin ★ Play forFREE, daily free CHIPS every 2 hours and big daily reward every 24hours ★ Auto spin and fast stop ★ Jackpot, scatter, wild 777 &joker feature games ★ New slots – 3-reel, 5-reel and 4-reel ★Special casino games – action games (AG), super games (SG) and cashgames (CG) This game delivers the best possible experience of luckysimulator. Try classic fruit fun machines and vegas games. All thepopular slot machines can be found in this casino simulator. Checkout our website for updates and visit ourfacebook. This game is intended for adult audience and does notimply any real money gambling or real money rewards for spin. Ifyou need support for this casino game, please contact us. Createdby NOXGAMES 2018
Craft 10: 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 1.3
Perfect polygon puzzle – combine numbers to get the ultimatenumber. Can you beat your friends in this simplistic butsophisticated challenge?Keep bonding same adjacent numbers andcombine them into bigger ones. Combination of ones makes two.Combination of threes makes four. Minimalistic flat design andsoothing audio will let you relax and play.Humble implementation ofhale strategy game but beware this game is very addicting.Gamefeautures:- Sizes 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8- Number combination withamusing art effects- Soothing hale game tempo (largo, evento)-Beautiful trianglified graphicsGame modes:- Classic 5x5 mode – Justget 10- Medium size 6x6 – Get 11- Big 7x7 – Get 12- Huge 8x8 toughmaster puppeteer strategy field – Get 13- Hex, noxic, noxik orhexic mode is still in progressCheck out our facebook for updates us know if you wish to haveanother game resolution just like 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8,9x9, 10x10, 11x11x or even 12x12? Maybe a nofeet hex or hexic craft10?New awesome game from the authors of popular hand puppet sportseries - puppeteer football, soccer and ice hockey.Created byNOXGAMES 2015
Hex Get 10: Hexic 6x6,7x7,8x8 1.5
Hale hexic puzzle – combine numbers to get the ultimate number ten.Can you beat your friends in this simplistic but toughchallenge?Keep bonding same adjacent numbers and combine them intobigger ones. Combination of ones makes two. Combination of threesmakes four. Minimalistic flat design and soothing audio will letyou relax and play.Humble hexoid implementation of hale strategygame but beware this game is very addicting. From simple tinyhexagon field to hours in huge hexoid field.Game features:- Varioussizes - 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 11x11, 12x12- Numbercombination with amusing art effects- Soothing hale game tempo(largo, evento)- Beautiful trianglified hexagon graphicsGamemodes:- Classic 4x4 and 5x5 mode – Just get 10- Medium hexie size6x6 – Get 11- Big hex 7x7 – Get 12- Huge hexoid 8x8 tough masterpuppeteer strategy field – Get 13- New modes 9x9, 10x10, 11x11,12x12- working on new features noxic and noxik levelsCheck out ourfacebook for updates yourscore and beat your friends on facebook!Let us know if you wish tohave another game resolution just like 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7,8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 11x11x or even 12x12?New great game from authorsof popular hand puppet sport series - puppeteer soccer, footballand ice hockey.Created by NOXGAMES 2015
⚽ Fantasy Finger Football – Online Puppet PvP ⚽ 0.0.72
Fantasy Finger Football is online PvP game with one-on-onemultiplayer against real players. Score goals and destroy allenemies. Forget about worries, enjoy this game and become #1. Bethe best manager, choose puppet heroes into your dream team, trainand lead them to victory. Puppet game features: ⚽ 20 unique fantasyfinger footballers ⚽ 6 special PvP arena ⚽ Realtime onlinemultiplayer one-on-one ⚽ Perfect physics simulation ⚽ Funny cartoongraphics ⚽ Hint: Crush and orb and deal extra damage to opponent´sheroes ⚽ Clans, Campaigns, Leagues Build your ultimate team, trainyour heroes, collect or exchange them. Aim and score goals todefeat opponent´s team. So, destroy enemies in one-on-one battlesof the heroes and be the best. Choose your team from 20 fantasyfinger footballers and play in 6 arenas. Every puppet hero hasunique ability (heal your team, increase damage or armor) andapplication in game. Collect heroes, improve them or exchange teamfor others with better abilities. You can set formation in battleor collect power-ups. Reward for the victory is chest with cards(heroes, token, diamants…). More cheerful chest means better cards.So, defeat opponent one-on-one, collect chest, gain card andupgrade players to the maximum. Score goals in 6 special onlinearena to get to the top position with your heroes. Play battles inplayer campaign and get new cards and tokens. Gain special rewardchests in every campaign. Come every day to get free diamonds,token or cards. Using diamond you can open chests more quickly andgain an advantage over competitors. Fight in PvP arena and campaignto get to the top position and unlock new heroes. Upgrade your cardand exchange them in your team to become champion. Improve yourskills and strategy to defeat others real players. Play our gamewith perfect physics simulation, adore original hand-paintedgraphics and use daily rewards. Enjoy game in your free time andget to the top of the charts. For more information about FantasyFinger Football game visit our website NOXGAMES or Facebook.Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
Puppet Football Card Manager CCG ⚽ 2.0.24
Your chance to become Football Manager is here! This game connectsthe best from football and strategy game. Choose your card players,train them and score hero goals in the most addicting free cardgames! Build strategy: defense or offense tactics with no offsidehere. Change tactics and win. Pick your best footballers and beatyour opponents. Coach players card improving their abilities andevolving their tiers. Football Card Manager Features: ⚽ 100+cartoon hero cards with special abilities ⚽ Card types: attacker,midfielder, defender, goalie ⚽ Online matches with real opponentsin multiplayer arena ⚽ Campaign with many levels and rewards ⚽Train your players power, speed and abilities Gain rewards for eachvictory as package with new cards, tokens or diamonds. Train yourcard heroes using tokens. Assemble the best puppet team, win eachlevel in campaign and PvP Arena and be the best manager. Winfootball matches, unlock new arenas and get better and betterplayers. Join Puppet Football Card Manager and become manager ofyour own team for free. For more information visit our website orFacebook. Created by NOXGAMES 2014-2018
Shadow Deck: Magic Card Battles TCG
New card battle game is here. Collect hero cards and build the bestdeck for your strategy play. In this free card game you fightonline duels against real opponent and gain rewards for victory andbecome number one in the chart. Play online battles in PvP arena orin Campaign missions with different difficulty. Create your ownClan with your friends or join another and enjoy more fun. Earnchests and obtain hero cards, add them to your collection andevolve them to higher tiers. Shadow Deck FEATURES ★ Breathtakingartwork cards with special abilities and visual effects ★Adventurous epic campaign with great rewards ★ Magic battle inonline PvP multiplayer arena ★ Become unbeatable with evolved cards★ Daily login bonus, daily rewards for complete quests Unlock newarenas and gain better cards with unique abilities – heal yourheroes, armor or increase damage. Save tokens and use them forimproving and evolving the card abilities and tiers. Build your ownstrategy plan and win this free fun card game. Download Shadow Deckand enjoy playing. Created by NOXGAMES 2018